beat the heat!

I was requested to give you all a list of products I recommend for hot/humid weather. And these products beat the heat!
MUFE All Mat Primer // This stuff covers shininess immediately after applying it!
MUFE HD Powder // Same results as the primer. Seals the makeup and helps it last all day.
Model In A Bottle // My favorite setting spray. Plus it smells amazing! Like perfume and hairspray for yo face.
I’m so bad about taking the time to do my makeup in the morning and if I do, I generally skip the primers. Boy do I regret that 20 minutes later and I’m pretty sure as a full time makeup artist, my face should be spot on 24/7 :/
That being said, even though I may want the easiest way to apply makeup and skip all the steps, it would be a waste of time without these products. Now, it’s all or nothing for me! 
Hope you guys had a happy 4th! I can’t wait to share with you my instagram pictures!

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