HM Home!

Has anyone else seen the new Home department of HM online!?! I’m DYING!!
Here are some of my favorites I wanted to share-click the pictures to buy!
Marble Plates $3.95 // Glass Vase $9.95

Striped Pillow $5.95 // Ruffled Shower Curtain $19.95!

Antler Candlestick Holder $12.95 // Glass Box $14.95

One thing is for certain…since I’ve started blogging, I’ve become even more of a shopaholic :/ I’ve always told my husband “But I’m a GOOD shopaholic. I buy cheap things! I find sales!!!” like I’m wanting him to be happy for me and proud of my addiction lol Nope, doesn’t work. All I can do is, keep that (some what) level head of mine and focus! We have so many priorities on how we like to spend our money and before all I needed was a shopping trip once or twice a month to keep me satisfied, now I’m on the computer contemplating buying certain things that two months ago I would have said was out of the question! As my own personal intervention, I’m watching Confessions of a Shopaholic this morning. Do any of my other blogger buddies have this problem?! (As I post about buying home decor from one of the greatest stores ever 😀 )

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