5 Oxblood Lipsticks for Fall

5 Oxblood Lipsticks for Fall 2015 MAC, Revlon, Clinique // Charleston Makeup Artist and Fashion Blogger Dannon LikeTheYogurt

Being a makeup artist, I’m always up for a bold lip, but you obviously don’t have to be one to pull it off!

5 Oxblood Lipsticks for Fall 2015 MAC, Revlon, Clinique // Charleston Makeup Artist and Fashion Blogger Dannon LikeTheYogurt

 I’ve provided a list and swatches of my favorite oxblood lip sticks. They range in shades and coverage. Hopefully these will give you options in what to try this season if you dare MWUAHAHAHA!! (I am so excited for Halloween, can’t you tell?!)

5 Oxblood Lipsticks for Fall 2015 MAC, Revlon, Clinique // Charleston Makeup Artist and Fashion Blogger Dannon LikeTheYogurt

*Probably the worst product placement, since it looks like a nose bleed lol

 5 Oxblood Lipsticks for Fall

1 // MAC Instigator – This is probably my favorite just because of the name and how much I relate to it lol It’s so deep and rich in color (the darkest of the group) and has a purple tint to it.

2 // Revlon Black Cherry – One of my favorites! It’s deeper than your average burgundy lip, but not too bold or overwhelming. It’s a little more on the matte side, which I love. I pair it with dewy skin and groomed brows.

3 // MAC Dark Side – Higher sheen and contains more raspberry hues.

4 // Revlon Raisin Rage – The classic burgundy lip shade perfect for every skin tone. ‘nough said.

5 // Clinique Black Honey – I think this is the most known and popular of the group. It’s sheer application demands no reapplication or dapping to achieve that perfect bitten lip. It’s conditioning and requires no work.

I must tell you, the best lip sticks I have ever purchased have been the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks. They don’t smear, budge, cake, get on your teeth, bleed and they come with the best price tag $6!!! (And they’re actually half off at Ulta right now!) The only bad thing is you can never try them on in store and the shades are limited..I mean, where’s the fun in that?!

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  • Danique Berendregt

    With what kind of eye look would you pair a dark lip?

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      I definitely like a more softer eye with a bold lip. Liner on the top waterline, mascara and fresh dewy skin with a little bit of highlight and contouring. I also recommend filling in the brows for this look so your face doesn’t look to washed out 🙂

  • Micah Brown

    Love the MAC Antagonist color! I really want to try a bold color this season!

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Me too!! And you should! I’ll be honest, I feel weird at first when I leave the house, but I get used to it throughout the day!

  • http://www.sanssouci.website sanssouci

    What a beautiful turtle neck! Dark shades would really suit your style! Great picks!


    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Thank you! It’s a Ganni dress from Asos! And I will have to wear dark lips more in post now that you said that 😉 @san@sanssoucia:disqus

  • https://luxurykisses.com/ Luxury Kisses
    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Thank you so much!

  • Katie in black

    nice tips! i also love Mac Runner for autumn 🙂

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Oh wow! I’ll have to try that out! Thank you !!@katieinblack:disqus

  • http://sparklygoddess.blogspot.com/ Sparklygoddess

    Fall always screams to me dark lips! I want to try out Dark side


    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Same here! I love Dark Side! It’s definitely a must for your kit 🙂

  • mary

    brought that clinique black cherry thats so lauded …hated it …threw it away

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      It must being doing something right since the majority of people love it! But it’s my least favorite of the group too. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  • mary

    Laura Mercier – Creme de Cassis … first dark & lipstick purchase in years – was only into …lipgloss or a dewy look…going full on vamp for the fall/winter …bringing the edgy sexy back …so all those who don’t dare…break out of that safety zone!

  • http://everscar.blogspot.sg/ Everscar

    Should have zoomed into the picture more so we can see the colors better

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Sorry! Maybe zoom in with your phone? 🙂

  • Amalia

    MAC Antagonist…never hear about it… or is it from Brija cosmetics?

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      I JUST realized I put in the wrong synonym lol It’s Instigator by MAC! Just changed it. So sorry about that.

      • Amalia

        Don’t bother no big deal! Let us be this the only problem ( a name of a lipstick ) in our own lives and of the whole world. Sorry for my english, Big hugs from Greece!

  • Selina Moses

    I wear dark lips all the time, no season needed. W7 in chestnut is my current favourite burgundy


    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Same here! It’s just even more fun in the Fall for some reason; people especially love to wear it this time of year 🙂 And I just looked up that shade- beautiful color! Thanks for sharing!

  • marvel

    Which lipstick are you wearing at the photo? I love your metal hair thing. where did you get it? It looks great!

    • http://www.liketheyogurt.com/ dannonkcollard .

      Revlon Black Cherry! And the hair clip is from H&M! 🙂 Thank you!

  • http://www.werenotexclusive.com Cortne Morgan

    Mac dark side is actually one of my favorite fall colors. This are gorgeous on you . I think you would like Mac Tribalist as well! It’s a deep brownish plum. Would look perfect with your complexion.


  • https://stylisted.com/ Stylisted

    Love these! Oxblood lips are always a go-to for fall so it’s a favorite of ours to discover new shades to add to our collection!


  • http://blissandbasil.com Christina Basil

    I like those two MAC colours. I love a dark lip paired with a big cozy sweater – it just screams autumn. 🙂