Packing for Italy

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Packing for Italy

Sometimes I like to put together a collage of what I’d like to wear/pack for trips! I love sharing them with you all so you can have other ways to be inspired 🙂

This is a list of the necessities that I’ll be packing for my trip next week-it’s going to be cold!! And of course, you don’t have to be traveling to wear these! They all are perfect to wear for Fall and transitioning into Winter!

I always liked to travel light and pack clothes that can provide me with versatile looks. I mean, who doesn’t though, right?

The most important tips I use for what clothes to pack are:

Neutrals & Solids. This helps with mix-matching

Pack at least 2 of each…flats, heels, coats, pants, etc.

Having a minimalist style for your trips definitely makes it easier for packing lightly! I’ll be mixing old fashionable basics like the leather pants and a camel coat, with the latest culottes and midi lengths trends.

Since it will be below 50, I’ll definitely be bringing the faux furs! What’s nice about furs is that it really doesn’t matter how little you’re wearing underneath! It keeps you completely comfortable and warm while you’re walking outside and allows you to stay comfortable when you take it off in the, more-than-likely, toasty places you’ll be spending the majority of your time in (ex:restaurants, museums, etc).

This will be more of a laid back trip since we are tagging along with my in-laws so I’ll be excited to post more for the blog and instagram while I’m there!

If you need more packing tips, check out this post from my last trip to Italy! Or if you have any questions or recommendations, I always love hearing from you 🙂

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