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First off, I think you all should know that I love dressing like a dude… 🙂

And To be fair to all styles of clothes; I LOVE THEM ALL! Preppy, punk, boho, vintage…You will see me wearing skater beanies, leather biker jackets, suede ankle boots and country flannel shirts..all in the same outfit. Not saying it works all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

ever since I saw this picture of Ashley Olsen (back in 2005-2006?)


oversized shades (of course!) //Navy Blazer //

Distressed Jeans // Thick Belt // Gold Charm Necklace

my wardrobe became inspired by her. actually…it wasn’t until that picture that I even took an interest in fashion!  (thank you Olsen twins for my “best dressed” superlative win)Side note: I always, always, always give side note(s) lol Sorry guys-I will try to stay focused!

ivory short sleeve blouse // brown fur coat // orange beads
red beanie // leather jacket // knee-high boots // necklace
I just love the way the majority of her style is masculine; loose bottoms, blazers, even her accessories (aviators, bulky and bland watches). And then she adds in just a touch of feminine chic, be it heels or a braided updo, and BAM!! *APPLA– — USE* She has been and will always me my style icon. And yes, I can assure you there will be many more blog posts about her and my favorite looks she’s donned 😉
Who’s your style icon??

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