How To Maintain Platinum Blonde Hair

DIY Maintaining Platinum Blonde Hair

Another hair tutorial! I actually love doing these! I used to think picture/direction tutorials would be harder for me to make as opposed to YouTube videos, but not anymore 🙂 Hopefully this tutorial will help set your mind at ease about the maintenance of platinum blonde hair. In my opinion, it’s the easiest to maintain! (I went red once and that was a nightmare to take care of!) Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m not a cosmetologist what so ever loll But if it works, it works.
The first time I went blonde, I went to the salon. Now when I touch up my roots, I do them completely on my own at home. It’s so much cheaper and my scalp doesn’t burn like crazy! Maybe it’s the brand I use, but whoa..MUCH better!
Things you’ll need // 
Directions // 
1 // wait until your roots are about 1/4 inch long..roughly 4-6 weeks after last bleaching.
2 // divide hair into 4 parts. secure with duckbill clips.
3 // mix 1 scoop of blue flash (see instructions) + 2 oz of  20 developer.
4 // stir. the consistency should be that of toothpaste.
5 // starting on the section closest to the base of your neck, you’re going to apply the bleach with your brush on both sides of your roots, working one 1/4 inch thick sections at a time (width of sections can vary, but I notice it gets difficult for me if it’s more than 6 inches)
6 // leave in hair for at least 45 minutes, but no longer than 50!
7 // wash hair. towel dry.
8 // divide hair again into sections. secure with duckbill clips.
9 // mix 1/2 bottle of Wella Color Charm in t18 + 1 oz of 20 developer *Save the other half for next time! You don’t need the whole bottle just for your roots.
10 // stir! (then apply really quickly to JUST your roots! And take off immediately! Your hair will turn gray/white/even purple  if left on too long and it won’t match the rest of your hair.
BOOM! fabulous.
Tips //
 I set up a full length mirror, behind me, in my bathroom (usually leaning it up against my tub), watch my relation through the vanity mirror, so that I can see what I’m doing while working on the back sections….if that makes sense
I bleach my sections starting at the back, then sides (bottom up), then top (where I part my hair)
After all my roots are covered, wash just the back sections of my hair in the shower and then leave the sides and top alone until they’ve had the bleach set in for the full 45 minutes.
If I have some toner left over, I’ll apply it to the rest of my hair, after letting it sit on my roots, to make sure it’s well blended.


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