Relaxing with Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia Metallic Gold Pouf // Charleston Blogger Dannon, Like The Yogurt

Relaxing with Lulu & Georgia

KENZA MOROCCAN POUF – Metallic Gold //

Taking a tiny break from my Instagram and NYFW blogging, I decided to do a little post on my updated living room.

We recently scored an Eames recliner in Atlanta a couple weeks ago and I’ve also added a new gaudy gold metallic pouf from Lulu & Georgia that I’m absolutely in love with! It really adds a bit of feminism to our living room. I’ve been clearing out a lot of our space so that it’s a little more minimal, but what I didn’t realize was that I was removing all the victorian/dainty pieces which has left it looking like a complete bachelor pad! haha Nothing wrong with that, but this girly addition reminds our guest that Josh’s wife does in fact live with him.

Relaxing with Lulu & Georgia Metallic Gold Pouf // Charleston Blogger Dannon, Like The Yogurt www.liketheyogurt.comWhat else is great about this piece is it adds more seating without taking up too much room. Since it’s usable, I don’t find it being just another picturesque piece that wastes space ( I have lots of those..) It’s firmer and doesn’t collect dog hair like our old knit pouf. And I love the leather patch work, which keeps some of that Victorian style that I love!

Hope everyone’s been having a great week! I plan on getting my Bloglovin’ Awards and NYFW recap on the blog next so stay tuned! 🙂

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