Faux Jumpsuit

top + bottom : marshalls | gold knot ring: etsy
I started to take a liking to jumpsuits..until I tried them on 🙁 
I wanted to be able to wear them so badly, but it just wasn’t cutting out for my “apple” shape body type.
However, there still maybe hope! I was playing around with this top and bottom I found at Marshalls, that just happened to be the same fabric, and thought..hey, why not make your own jumpsuit? 

Step one:
Set out to find a top and bottom that are close to the same fabric. You can definitely go with different colors, but the fabrics need to be pretty close!

Step two:
When keeping an eye out for your top and bottom, consider what styles look best on you. For me, I think I’m going to ditch the standard high waisted/loose fitting bottoms and sleeveless/ v neck tops… Top heavy and saggy butt is not really what I had in mind when wanting to wear this look 😉

Step three (the secret!):
Tuck that top in. This completes the look and gives it it’s “jumpsuit” style. It wouldn’t hurt to try bottoms that have an elastic tie waist band so you can manipulate the waist size!!
I still haven’t found the right jumpsuit yet, but hopefully going this route will give me more options and I’ll be able to find the perfect faux jumpsuit for my body!
What is your take on jumpsuits? Any tips to help achieve this look?!
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  • http://www.freshfizzle.com/ Tania

    This is such an awesome idea! I don't think I could pull off a jumpsuit but something that LOOKS like a jumpsuit is a different story!