Tuesday Top Ten: Shopping List!


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I love making these shopping list. It actually helps me stay focused on getting the things that I want! And it’s the easiest post to do. I’m looking forward to a slow, laid back month in August with only one wedding to do! During that month I plan on doing a kitchen post, marquee light how to, makeup tutorial video (accepting request!!) and that hair tutorial you guys asked about 🙂 
But for now, here’s my shopping list and a little detailed description of those items!

1 // if these chairs weren’t so darn expensive! And why?! They’re plastic! But I need two to complete my dining room table.
2 // this is way down the road, if I even ever can afford to make this purchase!
3 // yes. the famous triangl swimsuit..and I would LOVE to get my hands on one 😉
4 // I actually had this shower curtain in mind, but still don’t want to fork over the $44 for either one 🙁 Which one do you guys like better?
5 // I could definitely use a good black polish and this has a good rep.
6 // d’Orsay flats. And I’m not picky on the brand 😉
7 // why I’m wanting a coat in the hottest time of the year, I have no idea..
8 // iron lion door knocker..I actually already ordered this one off ebay lol 
9 // currently on the look out for new kitchen towels and I’d love to find some black and white striped ones! Any suggestions?!
10 // just ordered a snake print one from h&m since it was only $4, but I’m still eyeing the marble one!

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