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Or make them :)..

Do you have a pair of pajama pants?! Here’s a little instruction on how I made these pants! 
Things you’ll need //
1 3/4 yard of fabric
1 inch elastic band
sewing machine
Instructions //
1. fold your fabric in half; hamburger style. So when you pin and cut the fabric, you’ll have both the front and back of your pant leg.
2-3. lay out your pants, right side up, flattening out one of the pant legs (Especially around the crotch area!) so you can “trace” it with your pins. Do the same for the other side. 

4. start cutting! About 1/2 inch from the pins so there’s room for the seam and leave an inch on the top + bottom for the fold.
5. unpin one of the legs and turn them inside out; repin. Now fold out the bottom of the fabric on both sides.
**Try them on. You want to make sure it fits right before you waste time sewing like I did lol (so impatient)
6. start sewing your hems.
7. now sew both sides of your pants, for the inseam, leaving out the crotch area (we’ll sew that later).
8-9. now lay out both legs side by side (where they look like actual pants), take both front sides of the individual pant legs and pin together at the crotch. Flip the pants over and do the same to the other side. Then sew them.
10. still keeping your pants inside out, you’re now going to sew in the elastic band. lay the band at the top of the pants, securing the starting point with a pin, and fold the fabric over with about a 1/2 of fabric extra for sewing. start pining the fabric all the way across one side.
11. keeping the elastic in, start sewing where you placed the pins. once the first side is complete, pull the left over elastic so you have enough elastic for the other side. You’ll notice your fabric will start bunching up 🙂

12. repeat step 10-11.
13. no sew the elastic together. then finis sewing the pant leg sides.
14. flip them inside out and start wearing them!
It’s really hard to take pictures of stuff while I sew and I suck at written/verbal instructions lol If I could just Tim Taylor it, give a grunt and point, showing you how I do it, that would be so much more ideal for me lol But I hope you enjoyed it and learned out to make your own pants! I certainly have no idea what I’m doing so maybe that’ll help inspire you!! ;P

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